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"The energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship."

- Brene Brown


Every day I work with 

Because I believe every relationship should be intentional, empathic, and intimate.

Because I believe in therapy for all, myself included. Compassion starts within. I offer compassionate space and practical tools for growth because I have learned, and am still learning, to offer them first and foremost to myself.

Because ten years of college, a PhD, two e-books, an e-course, endless conference presentations, a bunch of articles, and a whole lotta love for Harford County mean something!

I’m all about farm to table eating + cheese boards, am I right or what?

Why me?

Fun facts

Travel fuels my soul in really, really meaningful ways. I've traveled to over 15 countries but I'm still dreaming about my time in Iceland and Kenya!

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Meet Kendra

• Have suffered a relationship betrayal or grown apart
• Are ready to level-up, big time

• Enneagram typing
• Targeted type growth

Schedule with Kendra

1. Navigating romantic relationships that:

2. Empowering self-advancement through:

Every day I work with 

Because I believe everyone needs someone to talk to in a safe, calm space without feeling judged.

Because I believe insight can be validating, but also needs to be used to create positive change.

Because I believe every person deserves happiness and the ability to overcome or better cope with life’s challenges.

I love sports! I’m a soccer player at heart, but I also love football (Go Ravens!). 

Why me?

Fun facts

My absolute favorite vacation spot is the beach! 

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Meet  Jessica

• something in life needs to change, but are not sure where to start

• To learn new perspectives in life and in coping with anxiety, depression, and trauma

• To feel like life and relationships have more meaning

• they want to fully engage in a challenging yet rewarding journey of self-growth

Call  Jessica to schedule

1.  Individuals who know:

2. Individuals who want:


Every day I work with 

Because I believe women and mothers should be treated with unparalleled respect and care during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum

Because I believe it takes courage to ask for help and I want to meet you in that courage

Because I believe that everyone has the ability to heal and make positive changes in their lives with the right help.

1. Incredible men and women who are navigating:

2. Those in tumultuous relationships that are interested in learning:

  • A traumatic birth experience or first-responder trauma
  • Everyday anxiety and stress

  • How to communicate effectively and fight fair
  • How to strengthen their bond and intimate connection

Meet Erin

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Why me?


I am a recent first-time marathoner.

I can only type with my right hand.

Fun facts

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Because I believe a holistic approach leads to true self- awareness, discovery, and regulation

Because I believe our mental health is just as valuable as our physical health and carry dignity and respect for people at every walk of life

Because I believe everyone is worth it and capable of change. I truly enjoy seeing people through their own personal journey.

Every day I work with 

Why me?

1. Curious individuals that are:

2. Challenging personal relationships that are:

  • Uncertain but ready to learn how to manage stress
  • Exploring life obstacles as a result of grief, anxiety and/or fear

  • Consistently conflictual, aggressive, and/or exhausting
  • Striving for more relational harmony and togetherness

Meet Mike

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I have an ironic fear of heights considering I love flying!

I enjoy building things and finding out how things work.

Fun facts

Because we experience the power of the Enneagram in our relationship every single day, have been using it since day one, and will be learning from it together until the last day.

Because we believe (and know) that everyone deserves to have a fulfilling and happy relationship.

Because we have a passion inside of us to bring more love and joy into a world that needs it.

Every day we work with 

Why us?

1. Transforming relationships by:

2. Supporting couples to have:

• Using the Enneagram to bring deeper understanding to couples, individually and collectively
• Cultivating a safe bond, healthy interdependence, and mutual trust

• More communication, compassion, and connection
• Ease and playfulness in their daily life together

Amanda  + Dylan

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We lived in a tent in Australia our entire first year together, if that doesn’t make or break a relationship, what will?

We collect patches, stickers, and mugs from every place we travel to (somehow sweaters and t-shirts also got thrown into the mix - Amanda’s rationale to buy more clothing)

Fun facts

Because I believe the motherhood journey should not be traveled alone.

Because I believe every new mom and baby deserve caring, compassionate, skilled support to help achieve their breastfeeding goals.

Because I know firsthand that breastfeeding can be difficult. My eighteen years working alongside moms and babies has helped me to develop many useful, practical skills. I use a gentle approach to help moms with a variety of breastfeeding concerns.

Every day I work with 

Why me?

1. Amazing new moms who are:

2. Beautiful new babies who are: 

• Getting to know and fall in love with their new baby
• Navigating the difficult challenges of breastfeeding, while experiencing the highs and lows of the first few months of life with baby

• Getting to know and fall in love with their new mom
• Ease and playfulness in their daily life together

Meet Cindy

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(443) 873-0465

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I have six kids and four grandkids that keep me young at heart.

Disney truly is my happy place!

Fun facts

Because I believe in empowering children and teens to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities.

Because I believe organization, time management, and study skills helps students thrive.

Because I come from a big family and have two puppies - talk about a need for structure and support!

Every day I work with 

Why me?

1. Children and teens who need:

2. Modifying school based and in-home materials to:

• Structure and educational support to develop organizational and life skills habits

• Support children and students with IEPs and/or disabilities
  • Help students master their curriculum 

Meet Karley

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Fun facts

What they're


"Dr. Kendra O’Hora is a picture of professionalism and passion for her career. I love the emphasis and focus she puts on building on her clinical knowledge and enhancing services to better serve clients. I can confidently consult with her as a trusted colleague as well as refer individuals to her and her team of clinicians knowing they offer a level of safety, kindness, and expertise that isn’t easily matched."

Danielle Steigauf


"I can’t say enough wonderful things about Wellness & Co. As a therapist in another county nearly 30 minutes away, Kendra and her staff are still my #1 referral resource to people when we are full or they need to see someone outside of our practice. I send clients and friends and family all to Wellness & Co. The care their staff shows every one that walks through their door is unparalleled."

Kristi Thrailkill

- LCSW-C of Baltimore Family Therapy

"As a provider in Bel Air, I am fortunate to have Wellness & Co. on my referral list [they] are comprised of friendly professionals who offer a variety of services."

Kelly Brag

- LCPC of Kelly Bragg, LLC

Courtney Hart

"Dr. O’Hora has a wealth of expertise that I am grateful to be able to tap into through referrals and collaboration. As a therapist in the community who mainly works with young people, I consistently refer parents to work with clinicians at Wellness & Co. Through our work with shared families, I have witnessed first hand how relationships and communication can improve when couples commit to working on their goals with therapists like Dr. O’Hora and her team. I have complete confidence in the highly qualified team at Wellness & Co."

- LCSW-C of Healing Hart Wellness


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