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Kaileen is an intuitive needs expert.

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Kaileen Arsenault | Intuititive Needs Assistant

Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning.

Some people have that gift. Kaileen is one of them.

She uses her superpower to assess your family and home needs and get you where you've wanted to be.

She tackles your to-do list with eagerness. Creating inner peace and increased productivity. 

What are intuitive needs?

Let me paint a picture for ya...

Your week is coming to a close and you're headed home. You're excited to see the fam and no longer feel stress about walking in the door to meet everyone's needs before your own. You've got a clean house and fully stocked fridge with fresh fruit and veggies.

You're excited about the weekend because your to-do list is getting smaller and smaller, which means more free time for you. Sunday Funday isn't just a quick brunch with the in-laws but is now an actual recharge day because you have newfound margin for reading, a friend chat, and so much more.

You head into your bomb home gym to crank out that workout before dinner. In the days of working from home, you love the vibe of your at home office. Your files are all organized, your supplies are always stocked, and the space finally works for you. 

Your life is finally looking the way you've wanted - peaceful, purposeful, productive. 
And the things you can't tangibly envision like underlying comfort, calm, and connection - these are the things Kaileen naturally makes happen.

Let's make this vision, your


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